Outback Magnum BBQ Review

Outback Magnum BBQ Review
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Rating: 5 out of 5.

We’ve now been using the excellent Magnum 3 Burner Hybrid for just over four months and have been really pleased with the performance and functionality this BBQ grill.

We couldn’t be happier with it and there’s very little we would want to change or add, because it’s clearly a well thought through grill.

Outback Magnum BBQ Review: Pros and Cons

+ Stunning design– A gas stand for the BBQ grill would be nice
+ Hybrid gas and charcoal grill
+ Easy to use functionality
+ Flame tamer for evenly cooked food
+ Propane gas regulator for safety and peace of mind

Finding The Perfect Gas Grill

Summer has arrived and there’s nothing better than having an amazing barbecue with your loved ones. The common love for good food and conversation are always an important factor to a pleasant meal. But, the success of the meal prepared completely depends on the quality of the grill used.

So when we were on the search for a BBQ grill, we did endless research to find the best product for us. Lets face it, BBQs grills are an investment and can be quite pricey so for us, it was important that we spend a good amount of time finding a BBQ grill that we could use for many years to come.

With plenty of brands and models available in the market today, this was not an easy task. We often spend a lot of time researching and comparing electronic devices before a purchase, and buying a BBQ grill should be no different.

As food and grilling enthusiasts, it was a really important decision for us.

Our key criteria was finding a gas grill:

  • That would be easy to use,
  • Has the right safety features (very important), and
  • Is flexible enough for making different types of meals – e.g. we love being outside on a summer’s day, grilling a pizza whilst the kids play in the garden.
Outback Magnum BBQ Review

Why The Outback Magnum 3 Burner Hybrid?

Outback is a well-renowned brand and a market leader in leisure cooking. They have been in the space since 1979 and have even won awards for their products consistently over the years. Before even starting to look at the grills, just this introduction alone made Outback a strong contender.

When we started looking at the features and functionality of the Magnum 3 Burner Hybrid BBQ, we were more than impressed!

Here’s a quick review of the product and some of the key features we love.

Outback Magnum BBQ Review

Get ready to be blown away by the innovative and functional design of this stunning gas barbecue. The Magnum 3 Burner Hybrid is packed with a range of features and accessories that quickly make the price feel like a bargain.

The 2020 model has several upgraded features based on the best-selling Spectrum 3 burner of previous years. It’s emerged as one of the most desirable BBQs in recent times and its all for all the right reasons. From having a side burner to a larger roasting hood, this stylish hybrid BBQ stays true to its standards and doesn’t fail to impress.


The Magnum 3 Burner Hybrid BBQ can cater to groups of 8-12 people comfortably with its large 640 x 420mm Cast Iron Cooking area. It also includes a side hob on the left side, that can be used to prepare pasta and sauces.

And, on the right side, there’s a shelf that provides valuable preparation space.


One thing we absolutely adore about the grill is that it has a functional design. Summer afternoons are not to be spent figuring out how to use the equipment, instead, you can just fire away and get grilling. To get started, all we need to do is to tune up the control knobs and get the grill all fired up. And the best part is just how quickly it heats up!!

The front-facing control knobs with integral ignition capability help to control all 3 stainless steel burners individually. This feature helps to make the highly user-friendly as well as being energy efficient when you only need one or two burners.

Outback Magnum BBQ Review

Main Features

A feature we were particularly keen on was the flame tamer. It acts as a heat spreader to cook the meat more evenly without burning the outside. It also helps prevent oil, grease, and fat dripping onto the gas burners.

Another excellent feature which has really impressed us are the hybrid briquettes. These briquettes give you the best of both worlds – being able to have a gas grill and still get the charcoal effect that you don’t always get with gas grills. How amazing is this?

You can easily switch the gas BBQ into charcoal without any mess. We haven’t had to use the briquettes all that much because the gas grill on its own gives the perfect BBQ effect that we want. However, where we have wanted to get that extra charcoal effect with chicken and vegetables, the briquettes have worked beautifully. It’s also worth mentioning that they’re energy-efficient and reusable which is a big bonus!


Finally, a big factor for us before we bought was safety. With young children who constantly roam through the garden, it was important to ensure that no little fingers could accidentally switch on the grill without our knowledge. The BBQ comes with a free propane gas regulator which connects to the gas cylinder and can be disconnected when the grill is not in use. This was a great selling point for us and is also an amazing safety feature.

The well thought out design of this Outback Magnum BBQ grill includes everything we wanted in a grill. From an integrated bottle opener to 3 cast iron burners, it’s perfect for outdoors.

If We Were Being Picky…

One thing we would love to see on future builds of this model is a gas stand for the BBQ grill. But this doesn’t undermine the overall fantastic design and excellent features of this grill beautiful grill.

Assembly of The Magnum 3 BBQ Grill

Assembling the grill took a few hours and definitely requires two people but it’s not as complicated as you might think, especially with the easy to understand step by step instructions.

Once it was fully assembled, we simply connected the gas and the grill was ready to go.

Outback Magnum BBQ Review: Conclusion

The Magnum 3 Burner Hybrid was absolutely worth every penny we spent. The other grills that we compared with this BBQ did not have nearly the same features as this excellent grill. The fact that it has dual functionality with both gas and charcoal was an added selling point and has proved its worth. So, if you’re shopping around for a barbecue grill and want the best of both worlds, this is the perfect one for you.

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