Nespresso Expert vs Lattissima Touch vs Creatista Uno

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It’s not every day that you can buy a Nespresso machine that was awarded with the iF Design Gold Award. The Nespresso Expert is such one. Besides the design, the Nespresso Expert comes with a large array of features and innovations, that won’t make it just a pretty machine.

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Nespresso Expert vs Lattissima Touch vs Creatista Uno

First and foremost, the Nespresso Expert is versatile. That means that it gives you a lot of control on how to brew your Nespresso pod of choice. Not just as in adding more buttons (the machine has 2 switches and the brew button) but in including Bluetooth technology to command the Nespresso Expert from your mobile phone. The possibilities are truly aplenty with this machine.

But how does it compare with other popular Nespresso machine models, like the Creatista Uno and the Lattissima Touch? Let’s take a look.

Nespresso Expert vs Lattissima Touch vs Creatista Uno

Let’s now take a dive into the various differences between these 3 brilliant machines.

Nespresso Expert

Lattissima Touch

Creatista Uno

Nespresso Expert vs Lattissima Touch vs Creatista Uno: Size & Capacity

From the basic data we can already see some big differences. While all three machines weigh nearly the same, 10-11 pounds, with the Lattissima Touch being about 4 inches shorter (8 vs 11-12 of the other two), the water reservoirs are vastly different. The Nespresso Expert has a standard-sized, 38 ounces which is not much larger than the Lattissima Touch’s (30 ounces). 

The Creatista Uno is nearly twice as big as both, reaching a capacity of 52 ounces of water. There won’t be much need to refill the Creatista’s water reservoir unless you drink a lot of coffee per day. All of the machines’ water reservoirs are detachable and dishwasher safe. All machines reach 19 bars of pressure as per Nespresso’s standards and have a way to froth milk (more on this later).

Nespresso Expert vs Lattissima Touch vs Creatista Uno: Design

The Nespresso Expert is currently produced by two historical coffee makers, Magimix and Krups. They’ve been involved in manufacturing Nespresso machines for years so you can expect the Expert to be reliable and sturdy.

Under the pretty, sleek and minimalist all black design, with dark brown stripes highlighting the lower part and a matte finish on the upper area, lives a classical Nespresso pods system that has seen proven use over many years in various machines.

The same can be said about the Creatista Uno. It is built by Sage (in Europe) or Breville (in the USA), another two historical, and premium-oriented, Nespresso machine partners. It is black, sleek and minimalist-looking, with a focus on curved lines.

If you prefer your Nespresso machine white, the Lattissima Touch comes in this color too, other than the classic black. Being made by DeLonghi, it’s another sturdy and reliable machine, more rectangular-shaped.

Nespresso Expert vs Lattissima Touch vs Creatista Uno: Key Features

Outside of these technical and design aspects, what distinguish the Nespresso Expert from other Nespresso machines are a couple of features to tweak how you want your coffee to be and a greater versatility compared to most other models.

First, the usual button to select the brew size has a fourth setting: the Americano. Yes, the Nespresso Expert can do the usual ristretto, espresso and lungo cup sizes and also an Americano. Basically it will automate the coffee brewing plus the addition of hot water by brewing a normal espresso and then automatically switching to pour just water over it, making it a perfect Americano.

Second, but not least important, is the water temperature switch. Now you can select warm, hot or very hot water for your coffee, depending on how hot you like it. Especially if you are planning to drink a lungo cup of coffee for a long period of time, brewing it very hot will make it stay hot for longer. 

Combining the water temperature switch with the size one can greatly increase the possibilities to customize the coffee to your liking: you may brew a warm espresso and a very hot ristretto, followed by a normally hot americano. All by moving 2 switches.

But we said that the Nespresso Expert is quite versatile and it wouldn’t be so if it stopped at giving you a single way to brew. The inclusion of the Bluetooth technology along with the Nespresso official app gives you a range of possibilities that other Nespresso machines don’t have. For instance, you can plan well in advance your coffee brewing moment by scheduling the exact size, water temperature and time you want to start brewing. Just don’t forget to have a capsule and a mug ready in the machine.

For those loving to wake up with the smell of fresh coffee, syncing the alarm on your phone with the time the Nespresso Expert will automatically brew is the best wake up there can be.

Of course through the app and via Bluetooth you can select anything you can manually. But not only that. In the app you can create custom recipes, like a slightly longer espresso or a shorter lungo, and match them with the water temperature you prefer.

Nespresso Expert vs Lattissima Touch vs Creatista Uno: Milk Frothing

The Nespresso Expert, in its Expert&Milk version, comes with the standard Aeroccino to froth milk, both hot and cold. It is a great addition to make your flat whites, cappuccinos and macchiato, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of control on the final results. It can froth in 2 texture levels and in 2 temperatures, hot and cold, and that’s it.

This is where the main differences between the Expert and the other two machines in our review, the Lattissima Touch and the Creatista Uno, lie.

Starting from the Lattissima Touch, the machine comes with a full-sized milk container, where cold milk can be kept as you would with water. It can heat milk alongside the water and can automatically add it to the coffee you’re brewing, simplifying the process.

Where with the Nespresso Expert you have to froth milk separately, there’s no way to sync it with the coffee brewing, with the Lattissima Touch it is merely an afterthought. It offers 3 milk temperature settings and 3 different frothing texture levels, greatly enhancing the creativity and final results of your coffee drinks. You cappuccino or macchiato will definitely look and taste better with the Lattissima Touch.

For those wanting even more for their coffee drinks, the Creatista Uno has a high-end price but a premium feature that is lacking in both the other two machines: a steam wand. The Creatista Uno doesn’t have a milk container like the Lattissima Touch but comes with a separate, stainless milk jug where you pour your cold milk and use the steam wand on. The wand is a feature present in most professional and semi-professional espresso machines but not common in Nespresso ones.

It helps in making a much thicker milk froth and is quicker in heating the milk too. The Creatista Uno has the same 3 temperature and frothing texture levels settings as the Lattissima Touch, but thanks to the superior steam wand can produce better frothed milk; the milk jug is also perfect for making latte art, without needing to buy a separate jug yourself. For true “creatistas”, the Creatista Uno is the right model.

Conclusion: Nespresso Expert vs Lattissima Touch vs Creatista Uno

The versatility of the Nespresso Expert thanks to its operational mode via the Bluetooth app is unparalleled though. It makes the process of making your perfect cup of coffee a walk in the park, but doesn’t offer the same milk frothing capabilities as either the Lattissima Touch or the Creatista Uno. If you’re one of those drinking most of your coffee with milk, these latter models may turn out the right choice for you.

Giving up the automation via the app may be worth it to have more control on the milk you put in the coffee. The Creatista Uno gives you a far more comfortable steam wand that opens up a world of creativity with latte art, something that needs to be done with separate tools with the Expert and Lattissima Touch instead.

Outside of these two specific uses, the Nespresso Expert (with or without the optional Aeroccino) is a superb choice that doesn’t cost as much as the other two machines. If you’re one of those that doesn’t like to tinker that much with settings and the right temperature, the default settings of ristretto, espresso, lungo, and americano are already present in the Expert’s app. Just by pressing “quick brew”, the coffee will start flowing. It is not necessary to even touch the machine at all. Anything can be done through the app. The versatility of the Nespresso Expert machine is truly unrivaled.

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