How To Make The Perfect Cheeseboard

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There is something so comforting about a rustic board overflowing with delicious cheeses, meats, preserves and crackers and how to make the perfect cheeseboard couldn’t be easier using our few tips. Whether it is shared as a light lunch or brought out at the end of a meal, a cheese platter is guaranteed to delight everyone- I mean who doesn’t like cheese?

The best thing about a cheese board is there are no rules! But if you’re a novice to cheeseboard platters, then here is a quick and easy one that you could try for yourself at home. it’s a combination of all our favourite cheeses and the best part is you can put it together in about 15
minutes! How’s that for simple food? 

How To Make The Perfect Cheeseboard

The cheese board which we posted had the following combinations on it:
● Crackers, St. Agur cheese and thin-sliced parma ham
● Strong cheddar cheese and salami
● Waterloo cheese baked with blackberries and smoky pancetta with chunks of baguette
for dipping
● Cheddar cheese and grapes
● Shortbread, soft goats cheese, honey and rosemary

We would definitely recommend you eat them in this order so you start with the more savoury cheese is an end up with a sweet cheese at the end to cleanse your palate.
But as we said, there are no set rules so you can mix it up with other combination as your palate pleases. A good cheese board will boost conversation and interaction across the table as people stretch across and sample the different flavours and suggest their favourite pairings.

The best way to decide what to put on a cheese board is to start with the cheeses. Buy what you enjoy most and go from there! It is always nice to have a range of cheeses. For example
you could aim for one hard cheese, such as cheddar or gouda; one mouldy cheese, and one soft cheese, like brie or camembert.

Next pick out your cold meats and charcuterie. Salamis and hams are a sure bet so pick up any that you find appealing. Once you have your cheeses and meats sorted, you can walk around the rest of the store and pick out things that appeal to you that would go well on your board. A general rule of thumb is to have some fresh elements such as berries, as well as some
preserves and some salty pickles and nuts.

How to layout a cheese board

How to make the perfect cheeseboard platter is really very simple. You just put all your elements together until you run out of space! You can embellish your board with herbs, edible flowers and stylish cheese knives but don’t worry too much about it. Your guests are only going to be interested in
one thing: the cheese!

Cheeseboard Tips

Always serve your cheese at room temperature. This is especially important for runny or soft cheeses like brie and camembert.

Include a range of crackers and cheese carriers. This is an easy way to boost the number of possible flavour combinations to try out. Think of getting some seed crackers, water biscuits, saltines and malba

Also include a selection of bread like sourdough, baguettes or even rye.

So there you have it. Cheeseboards, while they may look fancy, are in fact the easiest thing in the world to put together. We hope you feel better equipped to put together your own cheeseboard now. We look forward to seeing what combinations you come up with!

How to make the perfect cheeseboard- Please let us know if you have tried making your own cheeseboard platter. Please share any comments/images via our social media channels on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram at @simpleyummiesfood.

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