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Marinade For Seared Tuna

Marinade For Seared Tuna

Tuna steaks with baby leaf greens recipe are one of our favourite easy meals to make that requires little effort. This dish is perfect for a quick lunch or even a simple light dinner idea. Marinade For Seared Tuna Please let us know if you 

Oxtail In Red Wine Stew

Oxtail In Red Wine Stew

This oxtail ragu recipe is the ultimate comfort food! The best part is it requires hardly any work. All you need to do is throw everything in the pot and the magic will happen ?! Oxtail In Red Wine Stew If you’ve tried this recipe 

Recipe For Seabass Fillet

Recipe For Seabass Fillet

This BBQ Seabass Fillet recipe with Mediterranean vegetables is such a good option if you’re looking to vary up your summer BBQ menu. Made with a very simple marinade recipe and as always very yummy!!!

Recipe For Seabass Fillet

BBQ Seabass Fillet Recipe

Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Course Main Course
Servings 2 People


  • 1 tbsp Paprika
  • 1 Lemon Freshly squeezed
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 Sachet Sazon Goya Seasoning
  • 2 Fillets Fresh Seabass
  • 1 tbsp Garlic Granules
  • Salt to taste


  • In a mixing bowl add in all the marinade ingredients; olive oil, paprika, sazon goya seasoning, garlic granules, a little salt and lemon. Mix the marinade ingredients well so that all the ingredients blend in properly.
  • In another mixing bowl, place the seabass fillets. Add the marination to the fillets ensuring every part of the fillets are coated well.
  • Cook on a BBQ grill for about 20 minutes and make sure to check that the fillets are cooked right through.
  • This dish pairs nicely with mixed mediterranean vegetables.
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Spinach In Coconut Milk

Spinach In Coconut Milk

A classic East African spinach recipe in coconut sauce. Makes the perfect side dish to go alongside pretty much anything !!! We love this dish and definitely a regular on our weekly meal plans. Spinach In Coconut Milk Please let us know if you have 

Best Recipe For Tilapia Fillets

Best Recipe For Tilapia Fillets

A delicious and easy to make tilapia masala recipe made with the most scrumptious chilli sauce from @mamantsama. So so yummy! Best Recipe For Tilapia Fillets Please let us know if you have tried this recipe and share any comments/images via our social media channels on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram at 

What Types Of Red Wine Are There?

What Types Of Red Wine Are There?

If you’re new to wine, we know it can be intimidating. Dozens of different countries worldwide make millions of bottles of our favorite fermented drink, and they come in all colors and styles. 

When it comes to red wine, grapes couldn’t be more different; each has a unique personality. Don’t worry, they’re all quite pleasing, but if you really want to undertake the exciting, but never-ending quest for wine knowledge, here are some of the most famous red grapes and wines made from them.  

What Types Of Red Wine Are There?

1. Cabernet Sauvignon, the king of red grapes

Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of red grapes. It’s the most planted red wine grape in the world and produces structured, layered wines with a robust character. The grape is behind age-worthy collectible wines but also the perfect steak night wine.  

Cabernet Sauvignon is a French grape from the Bordeaux region, but it grows so easily that it’s now planted everywhere. Find great examples from Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Washington State, Chile, South Africa, Tuscany and Australia. 

The famous grape is known for its black currant aromas with hints of dried herbs and tobacco leaves over a structured, firm palate and a vanilla-scented aftertaste. 

Cabernet Sauvignon is excellent with fatty red meat, grilled prime cuts, hearty slow-cooked stews, roasted duck and grilled veggies. 

2. Merlot, a noble, friendly grape

Merlot plays second fiddle for Cabernet Sauvignon, and it’s the second most planted red grape in the world. Both grapes are often blended — Cabernet brings the structure and Merlot the juiciness and fruit generosity. Also from Bordeaux, Merlot is popular for its kind nature.

Merlot is Cabernet’s stablemate, so you’ll find it in the same places. Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Washington State, Chile, South Africa, Tuscany and Australia. 

Merlot’s flavors are often reminiscent of blueberries, plums and juicy berry aromas over a smooth, round palate.

Merlot lacks the structure and firmness of a Cabernet, so it’s better paired with lean red meat like fillet mignon, and roasted poultry, especially when covered in fruity berry-based sauces. 

3. Syrah/Shiraz, a wild spicy grape

The sixth most planted grape in the world is native from the Rhone Valley in France, where it’s called Syrah. It’s also immensely popular in Australia, where it’s called Shiraz. Either way, the grape needs warmer growing conditions than the grapes above; it will only thrive in hot climates.

Find amazing Syrah in the French Rhone Valley, in Paso Robles, California, in the warm valleys of Chile, and everywhere in the blistering vineyards of Australia. 

French Syrah, grown in moderately warm regions tastes like red berries, cooking herbs, and a characteristic black peppercorn aroma. Australian Shiraz tastes like ripe blackberries and spicy chocolate. In both cases, Syrah is full-bodied and structured.

Syrah is wild and rustic and pairs better with game meat like venison and boar, rustic meat stews, hearty broths and grilled beef seasoned with black pepper. 

4. Malbec, South America’s darling

Malbec is Argentina’s flagship grape. It’s originally a French grape, and you can still find it in small towns in southwest France. Today, it’s more Argentine than French. 

You might find some French examples of the grape, but the best Malbec comes from Argentina, particularly from the Mendoza region at the Andes foothills. 

Malbec is bold, rich and lush. It holds nothing back and often presents itself with blackberry and plums surrounded by hints of violets and herbs. The palate is juicy and meaty, but never rough. 

The Argentine grilling traditions have proven to be the perfect pairing for Malbec. Charcoal-grilled meat and juicy sausages. Malbec goes great with anything kissed by the fire. 

5. Pinot Noir, The queen of the cold

This is the tenth most planted grape in the world, but it might very well be the noblest of them all. Unlike Cabernet, Pinot Noir only grows where the conditions are just right. The grape loves chilly weather and will only thrive in unique spots scattered around the world. 

To find great Pinot Noir, you must consider the coldest vineyards on the planet. Pinot is native from Burgundy, in France, where you’ll find some of its best expressions, but it found a new home in Oregon, and in fresh, coastal regions in Chile, South Africa and Australia. 

Pinot Noir is liquid silk. Black cherries infused with earthbound aromas reminiscent of mushrooms, dried leaves and truffles fill your nose. At the same time, your palate is caressed by the smoothest texture and the crispest acidity for a long elegant aftertaste. 

Pinot is gorgeous with mushroom-based dishes, Asian stir-fries, roasted poultry, and oily fish like salmon and tuna. 

6. Pinotage, a new coming rebel

Unlike the century-old grapes above, Pinotage is the new kid on the block. It was first bred and commercially produced in 1961 in South Africa in the quest for finding a grape that could withstand the ancient continent’s harsh climate. 

To try this interesting grape, you must look at South Africa. The country developed the grape, and it’s practically the only source for it. 

Pinotage has a rebellious personality, it’s sturdy and brambly offering aromas of ripe blackberries, blackcurrant jam, smoke and vanilla. On the palate, Pinotage is structured, firm and can be quite textural.

The South African grape is as expressive and untamable that it pairs with wild red meat. Think mouton, roasted lamb and smoky barbecued meat.

7. Gamay, beauty in simplicity

Gamay is a lesser-known French variety and Pinot Noir’s stablemate. You might know it by the name of its most famous hit, Beaujolais. Although Beaujolais is a place in France, the wine there is made with Gamay. 

For Gamay, there’s no better source than Beaujolais itself, it’s the region’s most planted red grape, and it’s famous for its fruity and easy-to-drink ‘nouveau’ wines. 

Think of Gamay as a baby Pinot Noir. It’s equally smooth and silky, but much more straightforward and fruitier. Think red cherries and flowers, that’s it — beauty in simplicity. Gamay is the quintessential summer red wine, and it’s a fabulous entry-level red grape if you’re just getting started in wine. 

Gamay pairs nicely with roast poultry, juicy sausages and soft cheese, it’s lovely on its own too!

In conclusion…

When it comes what types of red wine are there?

The ones mentioned are just the peak of the iceberg because in reality there are hundreds of different grape varieties. However, don’t let the numbers scare you, each wine grape is an opportunity to learn and taste something new!

Wine is all about discovery; it’s a journey of flavours, aromas and textures in every bottle and every glass, and that’s the kind of trip we love, how about you? 

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Disclaimer; This article is intended for information purposes only. It’s intended for adults with an interest in red wine who are above the legal drinking age in the country their from.

Outback Magnum BBQ Review

Outback Magnum BBQ Review

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Easy Chicken Wings Marinade

Easy Chicken Wings Marinade

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What Is The Healthiest Dressing For A Salad?

What Is The Healthiest Dressing For A Salad?

A staple in any healthy diet has got be the one and only…salad !

But have you ever wondered what is the healthiest dressing for a salad? keep that thought…

Salad is one of those dishes that is loved by so many as it’s great as an accompaniment to any number of dishes, yet equally as nourishing as a meal in its own right. Usually combining fresh, nutritious produce you’ll easily find in the fridge, a salad is also easy to throw together no matter what the occasion.

It can be tempting to detract from the wholesome nature of a salad by dousing it in unhealthy toppings, where sugar, salt and calories often lurk in abundance. Armed with just a little more information, you can easily choose the healthiest salad dressing to add some zing to your bowl of goodness. While the healthiest salad dressing will always be homemade, you can also find shop-bought varieties that won’t dent your diet, and we’ll go over both below.

What Is The Healthiest Dressing For A Salad?

It’s often assumed that healthy foods are bland, and the salad gets a particularly bad rep in this regard. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pair the right combination of hearty veggies and protein with a killer homemade vinaigrette and you’ve got the holy grail; a meal that not only tastes good, but does good too.

If you’re searching for what is the healthiest dressing for a salad? that is also incredibly simple to make, then you came to the right place. The following dressings can be whisked up in mere moments and generally with ingredients you’ll probably already have.

As a general rule, the healthiest salad dressing will combine healthy fats (such as olive oil), with flavourful low-calorie embellishments (such as vinegar or lemon juice) to complement the main components of your salad. Here are a few ideas to get you started on what is the healthiest dressing for a salad.

For light, summery salads

You can’t go wrong with a zesty vinaigrette on a Greek or Mediterranean style salad. It’s like summer in a bowl. Keep it simple with a classic combination of olive oil and lemon juice, or pair olive oil with raspberry vinegar for something a little more unusual.

Balsamic vinegar also works great with olive oil, and don’t forget to add a good twist of black pepper to taste. If you have a sweet tooth, then you might also want to add a drop of honey to your dressing, but don’t go overboard as the sugar content can quickly creep up.

For protein-rich salads

If you like your salad with a healthy dose of chargrilled chicken breast, or heaps of juicy tuna, then you might want to add a little kick to your dressing. Try a simple lime and chilli dressing by combining olive oil with lime juice and some finely chopped chilli, or chilli flakes. Check out our prawn and avocado salad here, which pairs perfectly with a lime and chilli dressing. Definitely one of our personal favourite dressings and for us the perfect combination definition of what is the healthiest dressing for a salad.

Not a fan of too much spice? An Asian-inspired, ginger and soy dressing is to die for over a beef or chicken salad, and also works great over bean and legume salads if you’re vegetarian. Combine oil (sesame is best, but olive would still work) with rice vinegar, soy sauce, minced garlic and grated ginger – both of which are nutritional powerhouses as well as being known for their intensity of flavour. Again, a teaspoon of honey can be added here to counter the spice – just don’t add too much!

For hearty, filling salads

When it comes to what is the healthiest dressing for a salad . Creamy salad dressings tend to be the most likely culprits for unwanted fats and calories, but with a few small adjustments you can easily create a homemade, healthy version of your favourite ranch or Caesar dressing.

By using low-fat Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise you can quickly cut out unnecessary calories. Add olive oil, some Dijon mustard, lemon juice, minced garlic, anchovy paste and salt and black pepper for a healthier take on the classic Caesar dressing. For a ranch-style dressing, combine fat-free Greek yogurt with minced garlic, lemon juice, onion powder, dried dill, dried parsley and salt and pepper. Simply thin with water to your desired drizzling consistency.

For green, leafy garden salads

Most often served as a side alongside a main meal, the garden salad is a worldwide classic. Unassuming in nature, it is the most versatile of all the salads – meaning you can pair it with pretty much any of the salad dressings listed above.

If served as a side, we would always stick to the timeless yet tasty combination of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. If served as a main, you’ve got the opportunity to be creative! Think of the garden salad as your blank canvas, and experiment with different types of oil (avocado oil is a delicious alternative to olive, but can be tricky to source), vinegar and mustard. Mix and match with other healthy additions such as fruit juice (freshly squeezed, never from concentrate) and your favourite herbs and spices. The world’s your oyster when it comes to a garden salad. Just remember to keep it healthy by holding off on refined sugar or too much salt.

A word on shop-bought salad dressings

Here at simple yummies, we believe that healthy, tasty food needn’t be complex, which is why we love making our own salad dressings that are not only easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to make (no pun intended), they’re also nourishing for your body and soul.

In conclusion to what is the healthiest dressing for a salad? we believe the healthiest salad dressing will always be one which you’ve whipped up yourself, it is possible to find some healthier alternatives on the shelves at your local supermarket. Look for dressings with a short list of ingredients and try to avoid anything with ingredients which you can’t pronounce or have never heard of. Make sure you check the sugar, salt and fat content are all low, as some companies will substitute one for the other in order to market them as ‘fat-free’ or ‘low in sugar’.

What is the healthiest dressing for a salad?– We’d love to hear about your favourite homemade healthy dressing, so don’t forget to get in touch in the comments section, or come visit us on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram at @simpleyummiesfood.

Recipe For Fried Plantain

Recipe For Fried Plantain

Fried plantain make a perfect lunch snack ,starter or side dish! Eaten broadly across many African, Caribbean and South American cuisines this dish is quite a treat and super easy to make! We love this dish because it truly does give you that comfort food