5 Reasons Why We Love Cooking

5 Reasons Why We Love Cooking
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In the words of Guy Fieri,

Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat. In this article we talk about 5 reasons why we love cooking.

Growing up, we used to sit in the kitchen watching our mother and other women in our life cook. We watched them in admiration as they created various dishes and to us, it looked like an art that told a story through food. As we got older and finally were allowed to start dabbling in the kitchen, we didn’t waste a moment trying to create our own food.

We learned how to cook the basic foods like rice and pasta and as we became familiar with different flavours, textures and spices, our interests grew beyond what we were familiar with growing up. We started to explore worldly foods and cooking was no longer just a meal, it was a passion that brought us together.

As sisters, we have different styles and flares to cooking but have such great appreciation for each other’s’ food and equally bond over the similarities of why we both love cooking so much. So here we are, after more than 16 years of experimenting, writing about what inspires us to cook and why we love cooking so much.

5 Reasons Why We Love Cooking

1. Bringing family together

Picture this – Christmas Day waking up early in the morning and starting to prepare various dishes that will feed our family and friends on this special occasion. All these instances tend to have lots of us in the kitchen (mainly the girls!) cooking, chatting, singing, dancing as we create our Christmas lunch. We have a very multicultural family, so we all bring our traditions and experiences into the kitchen to create something that is so unique and special to all of us. This sense of togetherness creates beautiful memories as well as magnificent food (if we must say so!).

2. Creativity to try new flavours

There’s something incredible about being able to source raw ingredients and putting them together to create some beautiful flavours. Thanks to the Internet, everybody now has the ability to try all sorts of cuisines by simply searching for new recipes and trying them in their own home. For a creative and adventurous foodies like us, we are able to learn about new foods and recipes and add our own persona flares thus making the art of cooking so much more interesting.

3. Knowing what is in your food

We both have young families and like many, we have become conscious of what we feed our children. Knowing we could still let them enjoy some of their favourite meals like pizza yet be able to incorporate veggies into it, gave us great incentive to make my own foods. For us, it’s also important to pass on the food knowledge that was shared with us as children as well as recognise the importance of having a healthy and balanced meal. And what better way than to get them involved in fun cooking projects? Yes, its very messy but it’s so much fun!

4. Feedback on your food

We both love hosting dinner parties for our friends and families and to great lengths to plan our menus. When the party is finished, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing positive feedback about your food knowing your guests enjoyed their dining experience. It’s such a confidence booster!

5. Bringing us together

As sisters, we are lucky to have each other and be able to share so many life experiences

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